Cities, Data and Digital Innovation: My new paper

My paper on Cities, Data and Digital Innovation is published today by the University of Toronto. You can read more about it here, and download the paper here.

I wrote the paper last year while on sabbatical at the University of Toronto. I enjoyed living, working  and writing the paper in Toronto. I hope you enjoy reading it.


BIG CITY, BIG IDEAS: Data Innovation and City Governance

Earlier this year, as part of my sabbatical at the Munk School of Global Affairs, I gave a public lecture in Toronto on the theme “Data Innovation and City Governance”. This was part of the University of Toronto’s ‘Big City, Big Ideas’ series, and I was following in the distinguished footsteps of speakers such as Richard Florida, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Michael Storper, Meric Gertler, and others.

You can view the webcast of my talk here.

Tech and the city

Yesterday was the Bloomberg Tech Summit in London, and the start of London Tech Week. The former Mayor of New York and the present Mayor of London emphasised the key role that technology and digital will play in the economic futures of both cities. This is not just about a single sector; London’s (& New York’s) competitive advantage derives in large part from the size and diversity of its economy, generating economic spillovers, agglomeration economies and supporting convergence of technologies. Proximity generates the marriage of art and science.

Talent – skills, human capital – is crucial to this. More than 2000 tech apprenticeships have been created in London and there are fantastic initiatives like Code Club to generate excitement and later careers among young Londoners. But we will need to do a lot more collectively to exploit fully this opportunity and ensure both that new and growing companies can meet their skills needs, and that all Londoners can benefit from the expected growth in the sector.