Highbury Corner

Wandering around Highbury, London yesterday at lunchtime looking for some where for a family meal prior to the Arsenal v Middlesbrough FA Cup I was struck once again by just how busy much of London is. Obvious of course given how fast the city is currently growing, but fascinating to see how the city adapts (or sometimes struggles to do so). In N5 yesterday, middle class locals and Shoreditch hipsters wandering north mixed with Arsenal fans discussing what a great season Santi Cazorla was having. I was torn between observing the urban diversity and worrying if we actually going to find a restaurant that wasn’t full. Eventually we squeezed in at a small Italian place off Upper Street.

The last time I looked at the literature on stadia and regeneration (at least 10 years ago) the evidence was mixed at best. But N5 in the early spring sunshine seemed to tell a different story – peaceful co-existence seemed to exist between the regular Sunday destination shopping, eating and entertaining and the fortnightly influx of football fans.

Oh, and Giroud got the goals but Cazorla was brilliant again.


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