Smart Cities: S,M and L

I spoke yesterday about the Mayor’s Smart London Plan at a conference on Future Cities in the UK and France organised by the science and technology division of the French Embassy. In the elegant surroundings of the Residence de France in W8, I learned more about Glasgow’s Smart City strategy, about the plans in Grand Paris to use new city region transport infrastructure to improve digital connectivity also, and about exciting new initiatives for intelligent mobility, smart grids and more in Nice Metropolitan and Lyon. Once again, it struck me how in the ‘smart’ area (for want if a better term) good ideas and demonstration projects with wide relevance are coming from cities of all sizes: large, medium and small. This suggests we could all gain from much better intellectual connectivity between cities. In the UK, Future Cities Catapult is beginning to do this, and in London we have joined with five other cities across Europe in a ‘lighthouse’ bid to the EU Horizon 2020 programme. But we could all do a lot more, to mutual benefit


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