Rowing, Steering, Waving, Drowning – and Blogging

As Frank Zappa nearly said: “just what the world needs – another policy blog”. I aim to use this blog for ideas that will not fit into 140 characters but for which I do not have the time to develop into either an academic or government publication. I believe there is a niche in in the eco-system for this activity; I may be wrong about that, as about other things.

All opinions on this blog are of course strictly personal.

I tried out various more fancy ideas for the blog title before settling on this one, as being simple and straightforward. And I hope Norman Geras, one of the consistently most interesting bloggers around, sees it as hommage and not stealing.

The title of this post refers to a (possibly doomed) attempt on my part when still an academic to join together Osborne and Gaebler’s thesis on Reinventing Government with the poetry of Stevie Smith. There is more about that at:


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